About William Marlow
William Marlow has been a working artist since before graduating High School in Denver,Colorado.
"I always loved to draw as far back as I can remember"
William began to get serious about wanting to pursue an art career in High School where, he was introduced to printmaking. The etching process is what became his medium of choice. Almost from the start he began selling his work and began to meet people in the art business who were interested in publishing his etchings. Soon he was selling editions of his highly detailed designs using birds, animals and nature across the U.S. and parts of the world.
"The printmaking and editioning process is very labor intensive and introduces many challenges in order to produce a fine artwork with integrity"
After many years of sucess producing prints, William began to explore his interest in painting.
"I think I really needed to explore what I was thinking about all of the time yet never really working at. I would occaisionally do a painting here and there since I was young but, never studied what I wanted to do with paint"
William began to travel between Denver and Pell Lake, Wisconsin where he studied landscape painting at Rose Gate Studios under the tutalidge of painter Mark Sanders, a well known impressionist in the area and in Chicago. Marlow's true interest in painting comes from the impressionists and uses that influence in his approach to painting.
The artist is now living and working in Denver, primarily painting landscapes and beyond. He is selling his paintings all across the U.S. under representaion by local and national art reps. Marlow has been occaisionally producing etchings over the years but is only just now beginning to get back to his printmaking interest. He has just recently posted his entire etching catalogue on this site.Please visit the ETCHINGS page.